The Doctor, The Bird and The Wig Toupee-An Excerpt from The Cat on Salter’s Point

Monday Morning is bright, windy and cold and fall is here to stay. The sun hovers high over Salter’s Point Regional and the cold whistling wind tosses twigs, paper and pine needle shrubs all over the hospital parking lot. Doctor Micheal Louis speeds into the parking lot and parks his Mercedes in front of the hospital. He pulls down the sun visor and checks himself out in the mirror. He pats down the sprigs of hair on his ratty brown toupee and then he smooths out his mustache. He enjoyed being off and spending time with his young wife, Sierra but now it’s time to return to the crazy daily grind of Salter’s Point Regional.

He shoves the sun visor back in place and steps out of his Mercedes. The strong wind slams him against the car and it takes all of his physical strength to finally close his car door, as he uses both hands to slam the door shut. He wraps his coat snug around his silhouette and begins his journey to the hospital entrance, fighting the wind and pushing against it as he makes his way across the parking lot.

The wind blows so hard, it lifts the toupee off his head, blowing it across the parking lot like a balloon. The wind lifts it up into the air and then drops it on the ground. He runs after it, only to be out run by a black crow that swoops down and snatches the toupee off the ground. “Damn Bird!” he curses, shaking his fist in the air. The bird descends up into the crisp blue sky with the ratty rug in his beak and then it lands in a near by pine tree, dropping the rug in a nest of twigs.

The bird honks loud, satisfy with his prize as he scopes out the doctor, his head twitching  hard from one side to the next. Doctor Louis frowns. “Oh shut the hell up,” he said as he heads back to his Mercedes. The violent wind knocks him back and forth across the parking lot like a tennis ball and when he finally makes it to his car he unlocks the door, forcing it open. He leans inside and the wind slams the door hard against his buttocks, knocking him head first inside of the car. “Damn it,” he said. “I just can’t get a break this morning.”

Disgusted, he climbs in and pulls the door to. He opens the glove compartment and pulls out his black wool hat. He puts it on, pulling it snug over his ears and then he step out of his Mercedes again. He fights with the wind as he tries to close the door to his car.   And for moment, the wind dies down and he slams it shut almost falling on his behind.  “Damn it,” he curses again as he regains his balance and locks the door.

He starts again, making his way across the parking lot to the hospital entrance. When he finally reaches the building, he taps the button and the door slides to one side. He hikes through the door with a scowl  etched on his face.  Read what happens next by purchasing the novel,  The Cat on Salter’s Point on or