My Visit To Greece: Santorini


Santorini is absolutely beautiful! The island with its deep, clear blue skies sits on the Aegean Sea.   It’s quaint villages are made up of white wash cave like homes decorated with blue dome roof tops.  It also known for it’s gorgeous sunsets.  Many islanders and tourists gather in Oia Village around seven in the evening to view the gorgeous sunset as pictured above. Below is the Santos Winery.  Located high on a cliff in Pygros.  It has an amazing terrace with a view of the caldera.  My tour group spent the afternoon tasting different samples of white wine made from the grape Santorini Assyrtiko.  I also included additional pictures of my visit to this beautiful island.  Enjoy!


The Paliakameni Volcano is the hilly land behind me.  The view was just simply exquisite.20170826_110252

The Terrace view of the Santos Winery overlooking the Caldera.


A picture of white wash cave like homes and with the blue dome roof top inside of Oia Village. 2017-08-26 09.18.172017-08-26 12.11.132017-08-26 10.05.06

The Museum of the Prehistoric Thera.  Its believed the Spartan Colony settled here in the ninth century BC.2017-08-26 06.34.55

The Black Beach.  The sand here is charcoal gray and it’s located off the shore of Oia Village.20170827_155248

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Until Next Time!