My Visit To Greece: The Ancient Country Part II

Greece is a country full of beauty and tons of history.  I learned a lot about the country’s history and culture during my week last month visiting this country.  I would like to share some pictures with you, particularly on some of the sites I mention in my previous post.  The picture above picture is the Acropolis Temple lit up at night.

2017-08-27 09.38.19The picture above is the “Runner” also called the Dromeas.   It was designed by an artist in Athens named Costas Varotsos in 1994.  It’s located near the Hilton Athens Hotel on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue.

2017-08-27 06.59.26 This Syntagma Square in the City Center.  The Athens Flea Market is close by.

2017-08-24 04.55.45The front of the Acropolis Museum and the picture underneath it is the Caryatids, the stone carvings of draped female figures used as a pillar to support the temple.2017-08-24 05.38.32

The Temple of Zeus and Olympian Stadium at Night.2017-08-23 07.17.42

2017-08-23 13.44.28

The view of the whole city of Athens from the rock the disciple Paul preached from.2017-08-24 03.45.03

The Parliament Building in the City Center.  Greece is a democracy.  They have over 300 representatives in their congress as well.

2017-08-23 06.41.42

Part III-Pictures of Santorini Coming Up! Stay Tune!