Short Stories

“Three Sheets In The Wind”: A Book Review

Three Sheets In the Wind Cover

“I loved this book just as much as I loved the novel “The Cat on Salter’s Point!” This novel seemed to be a little darker than the first.  The reader has to align and keep track of more characters than  the first book.  I think a person who likes dark mysteries or realistic but dry humor will enjoy this book.

I like that the detail is still poignant in this novel.  Each chapter and overview of each character is descriptive.  It helps one to put the character in perspective.  I like the fact the author gives a little background on each character. It helps the reader to understand how they came to be including insight as to why.

The best part of the story for me was finding out Cathy, a social worker, had a dark and evil side motivated by her problematic childhood.  This story highlights the craziness  that often goes on in psychiatric hospitals among employees; including their bizarre and very funny antics and behavior.   I highly recommend this novel.  It is very engrossing and keeps your attention, pulling you in and making you feel you know the characters personally.  This was an excellent sequel!”

Dr.  Monifa Nixon, Ph.D

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