Easter: The Beginning


Imagine standing shoulder to shoulder in a sea of humanity on your tiptoes in the sweltering hot sun, on a dusky, rocky road in the  middle of  the desert.  The stiff, warm air is pungent with the gamey odor from herds of sheep grazing nearby.   You glimpse a man riding on a  skinny donkey, his essence gives out a demeanor of serene humility.  As he approaches the crowd, men, women and children take off their cloaks and toss them in the middle of the road.  Then suddenly you hear palm trees cracking around you.  Men with  handmade axes cut down palm branches while the people  scramble to pick up the branches, spreading them out on the road ahead of the donkey.

The people shout and dance along side of the road in the city of Jerusalem honoring the man, they called Jesus.  Just a few days before his crucifixion, they rejoice and praise God for the miracles they have witnessed (Luke 19:37).  Multitudes of Jesus’s followers swarm around Him like flies, calling out his name in jubilant praise.  “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” They shouted in unison.  Their enthusiastic honor stirred the people of Jerusalem so much, they began inquiring about Jesus.  “Who is this?”  They asked with puzzlement on their faces (Matthew 21:10).

Today, there are many who are still curious about Jesus.  Seeking Him out through the Christian Faith.  Studying His teachings in churches across the nation and throughout the world.  Trying to mimic His demeanor of humility and capacity to forgive.  Although, we can’t pave His way with palm branches or shout praises to Him in person, we can still honor Him.  We can honor Him by discussing His remarkable miracles with others, His teachings of forgiveness and His unrelenting ministry for helping the poor.  Easter is a time to reflect on Jesus’s life.   A celebration of a gift of sacrifice  he gave to mankind so long ago,  His life.  By sacrificing His life, he broke the shackles of sin so we who choose to follow him can look forward to an eternal life in heaven with Him after we leave this earth.  What a gift to celebrate and be thankful for! Amen! Amen! Amen! Happy Easter Everyone!

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