My Amazing Journey As A Writer and Aspiring Author.


I have been a writer most of my life.  My passion for writing started in high school.  Mister Crosdill, my English teacher encouraged me to major in journalism when I went off to college.  I ignored him,  deciding  instead to major in nursing and later in social work.  While attending graduate school at the University of Washington,  I wrote for the school newspaper and after graduation I was a guest writer for the Seattle Medium Newspaper for a couple of years.  

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,  my job requires I write constantly.  Everyday, I interview and write comprehensive assessments and notes on clients in crisis.  My colleagues tell me they enjoy reading my assessments and notes.  Often admiring my ability to paint  a descriptive picture of the client’s demeanor, viewpoint, behavior and problem.  My passion for writing led me to write and publish my first fictional work in 2017.  A novel entitled, “The Cat on Salter’s Point.”  Then this year, in March of 2018, a sequel followed, a novel called, “Three Sheets In The Wind.”

Not only do I enjoy writing but  I enjoyed witnessing people’s reactions after they have read one of my books.   I love hearing how they laughed at the many humorous conversations between the characters throughout  the books and which character they enjoyed the best.   Several people have already asked me when is the next sequel coming out; wanting more from this crazy crowd from Salter’s Point Regional Hospital.

This past weekend, I presented and sold books at the Black Expo & Experience Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  My sisters, Cheryl Dixon-Haskins and Crystal Dixon, accompanied me to the convention.  They were my marketing reps. They kept up the excitement, telling people passing by about the books, and soon a crowd surrounded my booth bringing me sales. 

There were other authors at Black Expo selling books as well.  One in particular, I was impressed with was an author named Michael Carson.  He saw my YouTube video advertising my latest book three weeks before the expo and he sent me an email.    He, too, had published a book entitled,  “African-American Inventions That Changed The World.”  His book highlights some of the amazing  African-American men and women inventors who have left their mark on American Society.  His book is not only a historical masterpiece, but very informative and a must read.   He and I bought each other’s books at the conclusion of the expo.  Below we posed for a picture  together with him holding up my latest book.


Needless to say, the Black Expo and Experience gave me a  chance to network with other entrepreneurs as well as alot of crucial exposure.  My journey as a writer and author has proven to be an amazing adventure and ride!  So, I encouraged you to click on Anita’s Books and order your copy of “The Cat on Salter’s Point” and “Three Sheets In The Wind.”   I  guaranteed, you will not only laugh your head off, but you will not put these books down until you have read the last page!