My Craving For A Doubled Chocolate Donut!


This morning around ten o’clock, I yearned for a doubled chocolate donut. I was shopping at Kroger Grocery Store and as the hour flew by, my craving got the best of me. So I packed my groceries in my Nissan Juke and I took off across the parking lot to Dunkin’ Donuts. When I walked into the shop, there was a long line, ten people deep.

I went to the counter and leaned over just a tad.  Stretching my neck to check out the display of donuts. I grinned like a little kid when I saw the tray of doubled chocolate donuts in the back.  Only eight left, and the line was now twelve people deep. “Lord, I hope these people aren’t going to order a doubled chocolate donut!” I anxiously told myself.  

The cashier, a caucasian, forty-something woman with a permanent scowl upon her face, had been checking me out behind the counter.  Her  dishwater, crinkly blond hair, although off her face, was pinned in a messy mop on top of her head. She glared at me with her icy blue eyes and said. “Lady, you need something?!”

Immediately, I wanted to engage in a war of words with her, but I thought better of it. Instead, I gave her my most radiant smile and explained. “I was trying to see if there were any double chocolate donuts left before I stood in this very long line.”

“As you can see, there are some!” She huffed, rolling her eyes heavenward.

“Thank-you,” I said.

I went to the back of the line and stood there for a good fifteen minutes.  Finally, I reached the counter again and lucky for me, there were four donuts left. The same cashier with the dishwater, crinkly blond hair no longer had a permanent scowl on her face.  Instead she gave me a big smile and said. “Ma’am, can I help you?”

“Yes, I would like a double chocolate donut to go,” I told her.

“Just one?”

“Yes, just one.  Thank-you.”

She reached for the tray of doubled chocolate donuts and put one in a paper bag. Then she handed it to me and said with a smile.  “Anything else?”

“No, that’s it, I believe,” I told her as I reached in my handbag for my wallet.

“Ma’am, don’t worry about paying!” She said with a smile.  “Your donut is on me.  I feel bad about the way I talked to you earlier. Enjoy and have a nice day!”

I was flabbergasted, but pleased. What a turn of events.  I thanked her then I grabbed my donut and hurried out the door. 

On the way home, I thought about the cashier. With so much anger and turmoil happening in the world today, this interaction between her and I could have turned out less than desirable.  However, it didn’t.  We both chose to take the higher road.  Recognizing each other’s common humanity instead of our differences. Recognizing being gentle and kind is far better than an attitude of anger and strife.  My yearning this morning for a doubled chocolate donut, not only satisfied my craving, but it  turned into a meaningful and worthwhile blessing.

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  1. Awesome humane experience and thank you for sharing what I believe to be more prevalent than we are privileged to hear! So well written Anita! so much love
    -Rachelle Moore

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