Embracing The Big 60! What I Discover So Far!

Today I turned age sixty.  I feel no different today than yesterday at the age of fifty-nine.  But I’m here, the big 60!  A monumental birthday!

When I was a little girl back in the sixties, I used to tell people I plan to live to be one hundred years old. It seemed at the time a long time away and now,  I am over half way there.  Forty more years to go to age one hundred and don’t worry I’m not rushing to get there.  I am perfectly happy being the age I am now. Living my best life with no apologies or regrets!

 I thank God above for my health, my successful career spanning forty years and my supportive family and friends.   I thank Him for my God-given talent for writing and the good, loving man in my life.  I  view my sixtieth year as a new phase in my life journey and I plan to celebrate it wearing my sassy high heel shoes and drinking my favorite red wine Saint Michelle’s Merlot from Washington State.

As I pour myself a glass of wine and slip on my sassy high-heeled shoes, I have discovered many reasons why it’s so cool to be sixty.  Below I listed thirty-four cool reasons why age sixty is definitely the “bomb!”  The list is as follows:

1. I am more independent than I ever been.  Freedom to be.

2. I know myself better.  I know what I want and what I am NOT willing to put up with.

3. I have more discernment.  I know who my real friends are and I have learned to weed out toxic and emotionally needy people from my life.

4. I no longer strive for needless goals. It’s a waste of time.

5.  I have embraced my God-given talent to write.  I have written two novels and working on a third.

6.  I am okay with spending time alone, in fact, I prefer it sometimes.       Less drama and stress.

7. I am more wise, but still youthful.

8. I can say “no” and not feel guilty about it.

9. I can speak my mind respectfully and not care what others think.

10. Although, I love my family dearly, I no longer need approval from them.  Hell, now I simply do what  I want to do!

11. I am bolder than I ever been.

12. I know money isn’t the path to happiness.  Love and supportive family and friends matter in one’s life.

13. I know for the time being, I must work, but it’s not my whole life and it doesn’t define me.

14. I can laugh at my imperfections and I have many.

15. I know diet is a lifestyle and not a temporary restriction what one eats.

16. I have a few aches and pains, but I am still very healthy and fit.

17. I laugh off jerks instead of allowing them to enrage me.

18.  If I don’t feel like wearing a bra, I don’t !

19. I no longer worry about my hem-line. If I want to be sexy and wear a short dress or leggings with a pair of three-inch heels, I do, I can and I will!

20.  I color my hair to get rid of the gray because I want to not because I trying to please someone else.

21. I discover sex is better as you grow older.

22. I seek out kindred spirited people and create new friendships.

23. I  can afford to travel to foreign countries and I do so every chance I get.

24. I  have no problem making my own decisions and taking responsibility for my actions.

25. I have lived through some amazing, perilous times, such as the  civil rights movement, the first man on the moon, the assassination of a president and two great civil rights leaders, and the forced resignation of a president from office to name a few that younger people have not.

26. I am old enough to remember simpler times when there were no smart phones, iPhones, computers, internet, social media, mandatory auto insurance and credit card interest used to be filed as a deduction on one’s tax bill.

27. I am conservative about some things, but liberal enough to embrace ideas and/or programs that lift up a majority of us. 

28. I can tap into my 401K, but I am not ready to retire yet.

29.  My mortgage will be paid off in 7 years. I will retire then.

30. Menopause for me is a distant memory.

31. Hooray for senior discounts!

32. Bell Bottoms are back and I recently bought two pairs and I am wearing those suckers like nobody’s business!

33. My daughter has turned out to be a capable, independent, interesting young lady! Not dependent on me! Thank Goodness! I love her with all of my heart!

34. I am happy I am not seventy yet!

 Yes, I am older.  However, sixty is really just a freaking number and I embrace it wholeheartedly with style, class and a little sass!  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy Your Holiday!





2 thoughts on “Embracing The Big 60! What I Discover So Far!

  1. Happy Birthday Anita!! Since meeting you a few years ago you’ve always be a joy to work with. You’re one of my favorite author’s and I look forward to more great laughs! Enjoy your birthday beautiful! Happy Birthday!!!!