Out Of The Mouths of Babes

I nicknamed my daughter Sweet Girl when she was two years old. She was a sweet, little thing. Jovial, rambunctious and smart with a hilarious sense of humor. Often coming up with the most funniest statements and comments.

When she was three years old, I began teaching her letters of the alphabet. She would recite them nightly before climbing into bed. She was also allergic to cow’s milk. Drinking soybean milk as a substitute and as time progress, the milk began staining her teeth. I tried desperately to wean her off the milk not only to protect her teeth but I suspected she was no longer allergic to cow’s milk.

Sweet Girl loved to eat hot cereal for breakfast every morning. Any kind of hot cereal , it didn’t matter the brand. One day, I decided to mix two tablespoons of cow’s milk in her cream of wheat along with butter and a heaping teaspoon of sugar. My suspicion proved right. She ate it all without experiencing an allergic reaction.

The following morning, while Sweet Girl was enjoying a bowl of hot, steamy oatmeal, I decided to share my discovery with her Dad. I looked over at him. He was reading the newspaper. “Sweet Girl, is no longer allergic to M-I-L-K!” As I carefully spelled out the letters of the word ” milk.” Thinking she didn’t know what was being said. I further explained. “This is the second day I have mixed M-I-L-K in her cereal and she doesn’t even know the difference!”

“Well, good, that’s an accomplishment!” He beamed.

Then Sweet Girl stopped eating. The small creases in her little forehead wrinkled and her face twisted into a frown. She pushed away her bowl of half eaten oatmeal and folded her arms across her chest. Concerned, her father asked, “What’s the matter, honey?”

This precocious little girl with the hilarious sense of humor, stood to her feet. She placed her hands on her hips looking doleful eyed. Her mahogany brown eyes glared at me and then at her Dad. She shook her head violently, raising her little voice. “Mom and Dad , pleeeease don’t put letters in my cereal anymore! It grosses me out!” Thank-you for reading!

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