Short Stories

The Joy of Drinking Good Coffee!

Every morning I look forward to the thick scent of coffee. I love to hear it brewing in the pot. The vibrant aroma penetrates my nostrils. The coffee’s unique freshness dazzles my senses.

I pour myself a cup and my mouth waters. As I anticipate tasting the coffee’s nutty spicy flavor. I stirred a teaspoon of half and half creme into the steamy liquid and watch it turn the color of teasing tan.

I wrapped my fingers around the cup and enjoyed the warm heat on my hands. With each steamy sip, I squeezed my eyes shut. The lustrous texture linger on my palate and when the smooth brown liquid eases down my throat, it feels like I died and went straight to heaven!

Starbucks is my favorite brand of coffee. I love its strong robust flavor. When I was growing up, the old folks used to say, drinking too much strong coffee will grow hair on one’s chest. However, I view coffee differently. It has been my saving grace. Not only does it help me to maintain my sanity and not kill my crazy, toxic colleagues at work but it gives me the patience to cope with life’s stressors. Coffee is a hug in a mug. A good idea. A language in itself. It’s nothing like a strong good cup of coffee to begin one’s day!

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