The Author’s Corner

Books don’t just go with you, they take you where you’ve never been.

Last summer, twice a month on a Saturday, I would spend the day selling my novels at the Marietta Square Artist Market. I sold quite a few books this way and met some very interesting people. It’s nice to know people love the feel of a book in their hands as well as a good story.

One muggy, hot Saturday afternoon, an attractive lady with brown shouldered length hair and engaging blue sunny eyes stopped by my table. The bright, vivid cover of the novel, “The Cat on Salter’s Point” caught her attention. She gave me a warm smile as she picked up the book and quickly read the synopsis on the back cover. “Are you the author?” She finally asked in her warm southern accent.

“Yes,” I answered. Her blue eyes lit up and she said, “Your book sounds intriguing. I belong to a book club. The ladies in the club take turns selecting a book for the club to read. I think I would like to purchase your book as my selection for the club.”

“Well, thank-you,” I said. “How many books do you need?”

“Seven,” she smiled.

“Seven, it is, ” I smiled back. I was delighted and amazed at the same time. This nice lady bought seven books and she didn’t know me from a hole in the wall. I signed the books and gave them to her. She paid with her credit card. However, before she left, she surprised me again. “Would you be willing to come to my book club and talk about your book?”

Although I was wearing sunglasses at the time, my dark brown eyes grew big as saucers when I heard her question. I promptly answered her, “Well, yes, I would be happy to come to your book club!”

“Let’s exchange cell phone numbers and I will call you when it’s my time to host the book club,” she excitedly said. She introduced herself as DeEnna and we exchanged cell phone numbers. She promised to call me in the near future. Then she took off. Disappearing into the thick crowd with seven copies of my first novel.

Months passed and finally, in January, I received a phone call from DeEnna. She officially invited me to her book club and the meeting was to be held at her home on the twenty-eighth of February this year. I graciously accepted her invitation, writing the date on my calendar.

So, last Thursday, I show up at her lovely home. I met eight wonderful ladies there. Needless to say, I was nervous at first, but DeEnna and her friends made me feel very welcome. DeEnna made a delectable chocolate cherry cake that melted in your mouth. It was delicious and she even shared her recipe. I was surprised to learn how simple it was to make.

As we settled in for the evening, getting to know one another, sipping on our drinks and enjoying DeEnna’s cake, the discussion turned to my book. The ladies bombard me with a bunch of questions. They were interested in my background and what inspired me to write such a book. The burning question they asked was, “Are these people real?” “Did this stuff really happen?”

My answers to both questions was a resounding “yes!” I explained to them, in the field of mental health, the profession often draws odd and crazy people. Some of them entered the profession with hopes of solving their own emotional issues which often interferes with their ability to be therapeutically effective with their clients. A situation such as this can be murky and unhealthy for all involved. Back in the day, I would often hear mental health professionals say, “Fact is stranger than fiction.”

I found this statement to be true over the years. I have known and worked with many hilarious and crazy acting professionals in the mental health field. Their crazy behavior and antics inspired me to penned two novels. When people read “The Cat on Salter’s Point” and “Three Sheets In The Wind,” they can’t believe mental health professionals actually behave this way but some of them do. More often than not.

Two ladies in the group supported my detailed explanation. They, too, have worked in similar environments with quirky, crazy co-workers. As the evening wore on, we continued with our lively conversation. I ended my visit by giving them each a copy of “Three Sheets In The Wind.” I can’t wait to hear their feedback once they have read this hilarious, dark novel! As always, thank-you for reading!

“The Cat on Salter’s Point” and “Three Sheets In The Wind” are available on and Google Play Store.