Anita Dixon Thomas is a licensed clinical social worker with a passion for writing fiction, non-fiction and short stories. Her passion for writing begin way back in high school while taking a creative writing English class. Although she never pursue journalism as a career (even though she was urged by teachers and professors to do so) she opted instead to become a social worker to help those who face daunting adversities in their every day life. Some of those experiences will be reflected in her writing as she continues to publish new works. Her hope is to shed light on the social work profession so national audiences are aware of the important contributions social workers often give for the greater good of society.

Before you leave this page read the reviews on her newest novel Whiskey And Merlot A Love Story then Click On The Button below and buy the book for $10.99 on Amazon.

Whiskey And Merlot A Love Story

Sweet and romantic. Definitely will recommend this book to my friends! Susan Walker

Once I started reading, it was hard to put down! Courtney Jones

I love the dialogue in this story! Very funny moments! Holly Lightkep

I couldn’t put this book down! I enjoyed it to the end. Doria E. Hillsman

I love the roller coaster ride of this Love Jones! The ending was gratifying! Crystal Gay

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A Note From The Author:

Whiskey And Merlot A Love Story is based in Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoyed writing this novel because its loosely based on a real-life love affair. I love the way Isabelle’s and Lincoln’s unique voices shine through as they struggle to hold onto their forbidden love with a little humor. As these two fall in love, Lincoln and Isabelle endure heartbreak. They go their separate ways, and have no contact for almost two decades. Then fate brings them back together again, a miracle of true and lasting love.

Intrigue? Then I urge you to click on the Buy Book Button above and buy this entertaining, romantic, erotic tale. As eloquently stated above by the women who have read this book, once you start reading, you don’t want to put this love story down! Enjoy!

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