Category: Short Stories

A Collage of Short Stories on Life and Humor.

The Joy of Drinking Good Coffee!

Every morning I look forward to the thick scent of coffee. I love to hear it brewing in the pot. The vibrant aroma penetrates my nostrils. The coffee’s unique freshness dazzles my senses. I pour myself a cup and my mouth waters. As I anticipate tasting the coffee’s […]

Out Of The Mouths of Babes

I nicknamed my daughter Sweet Girl when she was two years old. She was a sweet, little thing. Jovial, rambunctious and smart with a hilarious sense of humor. Often coming up with the most funniest statements and comments. When she was three years old, I began teaching her […]

A New Year A New Start!

I always look forward to the new year. It’s a time of reflection and to say good-bye to old habits. It’s a time to start something new. A New Year not only moves the calendar forward, but it also signifies opportunities for bringing about positive change to your […]

The Christmas Gift

The short story below is based on actual events. Names and the location where the event occurred have been changed to protect the privacy of the innocent. It was Christmas Eve in Paris, Tennessee, Sunday morning in nineteen ninety-three. A wintery mix hovered over the town and mass […]