Category: Short Stories

A Collage of Short Stories on Life and Humor.

My Visit To Greece: Santorini

  Santorini is absolutely beautiful! The island with its deep, clear blue skies sits on the Aegean Sea.   It’s quaint villages are made up of white wash cave like homes decorated with blue dome roof tops.  It also known for it’s gorgeous sunsets.  Many islanders and tourists gather in Oia Village around seven in […]

Depression and Men: Suffering in Silence

Clinical Depression is not pretty.   It’s a serious medical condition that can affect your peace of mind, disrupt your interpersonal relationships, negatively affect your sexual desire as well as interfere with your overall everyday life.  Medical illnesses such as stroke or cancer can bring on clinical depression. […]

My Day in St Augustine!

My sister, Crys and I, along with her partner Jackie made an impromptu visit to the oldest city in the United States this past weekend, St Augustine, Florida, a city on the Atlantic coast.  My sister whose birthday is on the 4th of July suggested we go there.  I have […]

4th of July-A Celebration For All

Next Tuesday the nation will be celebrating its 241st Birthday.  On July 4, 1776, the nation’s founding fathers signed the final draft of the declaration of independence separating the 13 colonies from the British Empire.  It wasn’t easy obtaining independence from Britain. It took a “tea party” and […]