The Hospital Brawl-Excerpt from the novel, “The Cat on Salter’s Point”

Doctor Benny and Rachel settle in at the nursing station for the afternoon reviewing charts and making telephone calls. Suddenly, they hear a heated argument taking place in the dining room. They both stand to see what’s going on.

“I don’t want that pink pill,” Harry said with his face beet red. “Pink is for girls! I’m not taking it!”

“Don’t worry about the color Harry,” Steve said trying to placate him. “The pill is good for you. It makes the voices go away.”

“I don’t care,” he said. “I’m not taking it. It’s poison!”
“It’s not poison, Harry,” Steve said.
“Yes, it is,” said Harry his face red as a cherry. “You can’t make me take it!”
“If you don’t take it, the doctor must keep you here longer,” Steve said.
“The hell he will,” Harry said. “I’ll take him out.”

Harry shakes his wooden cane in the air. “He doesn’t know who he is messing with!”

“Give me your cane sir,” Steve said with his voice low.

“No,” Harry said. “This is my cane!”

“Give me your cane before you hurt somebody with it,” Steve said as he steps closer to the patient.

“No”, said Harry. “Get your own damn cane!”

“If you don’t give it to me, I will have to call security,” Steve said as he beckons for Harry to hand him the cane.

Harry glares at Steve, his face puffed out like a blow fish. “You better stay away from me,” he said. “I’m warning you!”

“Give me the cane Harry, right now,” Steve said with his face stern.

Within seconds, Harry whops Steve in the face. A deep red gnash splits open above his eyebrow. “Ouch!” Steve said touching his forehead. “Why did you do that?!”

“I told you to stay away from me,” Harry said. He hits Steve in the face again.

“Damn you,” Steve hollers jumping back as blood trickles down his forehead. “Somebody call security!”

“Security? You’re calling security on me?” Harry said. “No you’re not!”

He beats the nurse down like a dog hitting him in the head and then switching gears and beating him on the shoulders and arms. Within minutes, Steve jerks the cane out of Harry’s hand causing him to fall backwards on the hard floor, landing on his butt.

“You son of a bitch!” Harry hollers as he gets off the floor rubbing his butt. “Give me back my cane! It’s not yours!”

Out of nowhere, a man with long blond hair, flies like superman jumping over two dining room tables. Hiram Gottschalks lands on his feet right in front of Steve and suckers punches him in the nose, knocking him straight to the floor. He hops on top of the nurse and slaps him in the face.

“Get off me you big turkey!” Steve yells as he grabs a clump of the attorney’s hair twisting strands in his fingers.

“You bully,” Hiram yells back as he pries the nurse’s fingers from his hair. “How dare you push these patients around like that,” he growls, as a mist of water sprays out of his mouth. He pins the nurse’s hands to the floor.

“Stop spitting on me, you son of a bitch!” Steve hollers. “Somebody, call security and get this asshole off me!”

Three husky looking male nurses come to Steve’s rescue. They pull Hiram off the badly beaten nurse shoving him to the side. Hiram falls on the floor and rolls over like a dog. He hops back up while one nurse helps Steve off the floor. He wrestles himself free from the nurse and glares at Hiram balling up his fists.

“You want to fight?” Steve asked with his face twisted. “Then be a man and do it the right way,” he growls.

“Alright,” Hiram said flexing his muscles. “Let’s duke then!”

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