The Hilarious Jinx Collins: Whiskey And Merlot A Love Story

Update: One evening while working at TLC Radio Station, Isabelle is surprised when Jinx shows up.


Sometime later, Jinx and Jo Summers walked in. Isabelle’s mouth dropped open and she gasped. Jinx is here! Hell-bent on meeting Lincoln! Damn! Isabelle watched with amusement while Jinx pretended to be interested in Jo’s orientation. After Jo finished her introductions and left the room, Jinx snuck over to Isabelle’s cubicle. 

“Where’s the man?” she whispered, bucking her eyes.

“He’s sitting in the back,” Isabelle whispered back. 

Jinx craned her neck to see over the cubicle. A small squeal escaped from her lips when her eyes fell on Lincoln. “Damn, that’s one fine ass motherfucker!”

Isabelle patted her chest. Her heart was flipping somersaults. She withered down in her padded seat, wishing she could disappear. “Jinx! He might hear you!”

“Girl, he’s on the phone! He doesn’t hear or see me!” she said, still checking him out. She pulled up a chair and sat. “Are you sure you don’t want…”

Isabelle cut her off. “Hell no! Now stop it!” she fumed.

“Okay, okay,” Jinx said, batting her eyes. “But if you decide to get some at a later date, I sure as hell don’t blame you!”

Isabelle shook her head in sheer exasperation. “Girl, you are a trip,” she groaned with angst in her voice.

Jinx scooted her chair into the aisle. She stretched her neck to get a better view of Lincoln with her eyes popping out of her head. “Here he comes! He’s a tall ass mother…”

“Shush!” Isabelle scowled. “Don’t you say anything crazy! You hear?”

Isabelle knew her words fell on deaf ears, so she braced herself. Jinx, grinning like a naughty little girl, kept gawking at Lincoln as he glided toward her. “I mean it!” Isabelle hissed again, fully aware she was wasting her time.

“Well, hello handsome!” Jinx said batting her short eyelashes as Lincoln stopped in front of her. 

His mocha brown eyes crinkled at the corners, and his shoulders started to bounce. “Lincoln Davis,” he said extending his large manicured hand.

Jinx held his hand. “Are you looking for Isabelle?” she asked in her sweetest voice.

“What is your name ma’am?” he said, ignoring her question.

“Oh, I’m Jinx Collins,” she cheerfully replied as she caressed and patted his large, smooth hand. “So nice and warm. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Isabelle almost threw up. 

“Warm hands make a warm heart,” Lincoln teased with nervous laughter.

“I’ll say,” Jinx said, winking at Isabelle as she gingerly dropped Lincoln’s hand. She scooted her chair out of the aisle so Lincoln could step into Isabelle’s cubicle.

Isabelle gouged the bottom half of her face with her fingers and squeezed her eyes shut. Lincoln noticed her discomfort. “Are you all right over there?”

“I’m fine,” Isabelle said, opening her eyes. He shot her a knowing grin, and she returned the favor with a weak smile. 

“Jinx, do you plan to take the job?” he asked.

“I’m thinking about it,” she crooned in a low throaty voice. Her hazel green eyes roved up and down his physique, checking out every detail. 

Seething inside, Isabelle fought the urge to slap the mess out of her. “Jinx and I work together at Emory Hospital. She needed a part-time job, so I told her to apply,” she hurriedly explained.

“Nothing wrong with a little extra money,” Jinx chimed in, still eyeballing him.

“I heard that,” he said looking amused. “We’re all in the same boat these days.”

Jinx bristled up. “Honey, speak for yourself. I’m rowing my own damn boat, thank you very much!”

His eyebrows went up, perplexed by her outburst. “Interesting,” he said.

Jo intervened just in time, and Isabelle was grateful. “Miss Collins, come with me. I need you to watch a video before you leave for the evening.”

“Sure,” Jinx said, pulling erect. She stood almost as tall as Lincoln, looking him squarely in the eye as she flashed him a naughty grin. “See you around, handsome, you hear?”

His face brightened as if he was embarrassed. “Likewise,” he smiled.

She sauntered off, leaving Isabelle to explain away her flirtatious behavior, however she didn’t have to. Lincoln had another agenda. To find out Lincoln’s agenda for Isabelle, be sure to purchase your copy of Whiskey And Merlot A Love Story on Amazon by clicking on the link below! Thank You For Reading.


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