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“He was her cream, and she was his coffee, and when poured together, they sizzled.”

Based on a real-life happily-ever-after, this is not your typical romantic fantasy. Because Isabelle Perkins doesn’t believe in fairy tales.

Newly divorced and recently transplanted to Atlanta at the age of thirty, Isabelle has never met a man she truly loves and doesn’t believe she ever will. When she meets the dashing Lincoln Davis, she’s smitten by his handsome looks and take-charge confidence. As Lincoln recklessly and persistently pursues her to escape his loveless marriage, she finds herself embroiled in a hot affair and falls in love.

Isabelle’s Christian morals and self-esteem are deeply undermined as the lines between right and wrong become irrevocably blurred. Convinced that Lincoln is her one true love, she hangs on until Lincoln is forced to break off their steamy affair, leaving Isabelle devastated and heartbroken

Eighteen years later, they’re paths cross again. After a sobering brush with death and now divorced, Lincoln is determined to win Isabelle back. But can she set aside her deep hurt and disappointment to let him back into her life and heart?

Here are a few reviews.
I love the dialogue in the story! Very funny moments!” Holly Lightkep

A stunning Love Jones rollercoaster ride, it made me laugh out loud, cry and the ending was most gratifying.” Crystal

“I enjoyed reading this book. The way each character was described, I could visualize each one. It was sweet and romantic. I definitely would recommend Whiskey And Merlot to my friends.” Susan Walker

“The author’s descriptive narrative made it easy for me to envision the setting, the characters, and emotions involved in the story. Once I started reading, it was hard to put the book down!” Courtney Jones

I couldn’t put this book down! I enjoyed it to the end!” Doria E. Hillsman

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