The Joy In God’s Creation

    Yesterday was a hot, sweltering day in the high nineties in Powder Springs. Later in the evening, while preparing for bed, thunderstorms blew with a vengeance through the neighborhood. When I woke up this morning at seven, I noticed the sun ‘s rays creeping through the blinds. I rolled out of bed and gazed out the window and noticed the sun shining more radiantly than usual. The leaves on the oak trees in my yard seemed to glisten brightly in the soft breeze.

The evening storm brought in a cooler temperature, and I decided to go for a morning stroll. After I changed into a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, I  slipped on my Nikes, grabbed my cell phone and sunglasses, and ran out the door. The cool breeze felt good against my skin, a nice change from the blistering, hot weather from the day before.

I hastened my pace, picking up speed, and the weight of the world pressed on me. I thought about the staggering number of coronavirus cases growing daily in Georgia, and the deepening isolation the virus has caused between myself, my family and close friends. I wondered if life would ever be healthy again, or were we destined as a nation to be locked forever behind a suffocating mask. I thought about the lives lost because of racism and the growing threat to this country’s democracy. I wondered if this country would ever again have a president who possesses qualities of common decency, morality and compassion. I wondered about alot of adverse issues as I strolled down the street in my neighborhood.

      I struggled with these awful thoughts until I banished them out of my mind preferring to focus on my blessings and those yet to come. In the mist of my walk, a brown jackrabbit hopped in my path. I jumped back, wide-eyed, startled out of my wits. For a moment, the rabbit sat, staring at me, and the rabbit’s smooth, velvety, light brown fur glistened in the bright sunlight.

     Suddenly, the rabbit took off, hopping across the grassy lawn straight to the bushes. The little critter stopped and twisted his little body sideways. He sat on his hind legs, looking at me with one eye.  I reached deep in my pocket and took out my cell phone. I quickly scrolled through the apps straight to the camera. While I adjusted the camera, the rabbit seemed to pose as if he knew his picture was about to be taken. I took several photos of the little creature before he took off again, disappearing into the bushes. 

     As I continued with my morning stroll, I thought about that little rabbit. To me, the rabbit represented hope and free will. These God-given gifts still rang true and revelant today. Although, I can’t expect a trouble-free world, and trials will certainly come no matter what, the rabbit’s presence reminded me that God is real, always near, sheltering me and protecting me as I soldier through this, precarious journey of life.

Thank-you For Reading. Have A Wonderful Sunday, Everyone!  

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