Whiskey And Merlot A Love Story A Novel by Anita Dixon Thomas


   Whiskey and Merlot A Love Story


Anita Dixon Thomas

Isabelle Perkins has never met a man she truly loves. Newly divorced at the age of thirty, she doesn’t believe she ever will. Isabelle doesn’t believe in fairy tales. When she meets the dashing Lincoln Davis, she is smitten by his handsome looks and immediately attracted to his take-charge confidence.

But she discovers he’s married, forcing her to keep her distance. In a sexless marriage, Lincoln dazzles her with his charm and recklessly pursues her, mesmerized by her beauty and sex appeal. Before long, he persuades her. After a passionate evening of lovemaking, they find themselves embroiled in a hot affair. As time goes on, their feelings deepen, and they fall in love.

Soon, the lines between right and wrong become irrevocably blurred. Isabelle suffers intense guilt for being involved with a married man. The affair challenges her Christian morals and undermines her self-esteem. She entertains leaving Lincoln, but hangs on, convinced he’s her true love.

Lincoln wallows in guilt, disappointed in himself for breaking his marriage vows. Although he loves Isabelle, he’s aware they have no future. Lincoln continues his steamy romance with Isabelle until his wife confronts him. He’s forced to break it off with Isabelle, leaving her devastated and heartbroken. 

Eighteen years later, they’re paths cross again. After a sobering brush with death and now divorced, Lincoln is determined to win Isabelle back. But can she set aside her deep hurt and disappointment to let him back into her life and heart?

This book is available in both paperback and hardback on the author’s website, https://www.koolstorytellerbooks.com. If you buy this book on the author’s website, shipping is free and you will receive a complimentary bookmark with your order.

It’s also available in hardback at Barnes and Noble Online Bookstore, and in kindle version and paperback on Amazon.com.

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