Short Stories

My Day In Port Townsend

My sister, Crys, and I decided to visit Port Townsend, Washington, for the day to celebrate her birthday. Although we’re both from Washington State, this was our first visit to this pretty little city on the Quimper Peninsula in Jefferson County. The city only has 10, 148 residents, and it’s best known for having more than 300 Victorian-style homes. Port Townsend is a walkable city with trails, sidewalks, and low-traffic streets. The Jefferson County Courthouse Clock, built-in 1892, stoically towers over the city and bongs every hour.

When my sister and I arrived in Port Townsend around 11 am, Saturday morning, there was hardly a soul on the street. But by 12 noon, the sun came out and the streets were filled with people. We had a ball shopping in the downtown shops. The cute hat I’m wearing, I bought at a boutique called Conservatory Coastal Home on Water Street. A few doors down, I bought this beautiful collector’s mad hatter teapot made in Britain from the Mad Hatter & Company thirty dollars cheaper than the original price.

As we browse the shops, we stopped in Don Tiller Gallery. He paints in vivid, bright colors, his artwork ranges from landscapes to people. We had a lively chat, and although, I didn’t buy any artwork, I took his information to purchase in the near future. I collect art and I hope to add a Don Tiller to my collection soon.

Don Tiller Gallery on Water Street

As the day progressed, we had a late lunch at Sirens, an eatery on the water. The food was so-so, but the view was breathtaking. We ended our day at six, and we decided to cruise through the residential neighborhood on the way out. To our surprise, we saw deer freely roaming the streets and grazing in residents’ yards.

We ended our day at six and decided to cruise the residential neighborhood on the way out. To our surprise, we saw deer freely roaming the streets and grazing in people’s yards, and no one seemed to mind. Even the dogs roaming the streets ignored them. As the sun slowly began to set, we drove out of town. Another adventure, living our best life, and on to another one. Thank you for reading. Until next time!

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