The Butt Patrol-Excerpt from The Cat on Salter’s Point

Later in the afternoon, around one-thirty, Jamie and Rachel head down to personnel. Neither one speaking to the other as they are too enamored with their own thoughts. Rachel flinches when a man’s voice booms out of a loud speaker overhead. His abrasive tone jerking her back to reality. “Unit one needs butt patrol, Unit one needs butt patrol,” he said with his voice vibrating from one end of the hall to the other.

Rachel becomes tickled and snickers out loud. She looks over at Jamie who maintains a straight face as she ignores the bizarre announcement. Rachel contemplates on whether to inquire about the announcement while all the time wondering what this “Butt Patrol” issue is all about. With her curiosity getting the best of her, she takes a risk and broaches the subject.

“What’s this Butt Patrol?” she asks.

“It’s a committee responsible for sweeping cigarette butts off the floor,” Jamie finally said cracking a smile.

“Huh?” Rachel asked, surprised by the answer.

“Yeah girl,” Jamie chuckles. “Everyday the patients throw their cigarette butts on the floor after finishing their smoke breaks,” she said. “The charge nurse has to clean up the mess.”

“Oh,” said Rachel shaking her head.

Jamie continues. “The charge nurse got so tired of cleaning up the mess, he recruited a group of patients and named them the Butt Patrol Committee,” she said.

Rachel cracks up. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard,” she said.

“Well it’s the truth,” Jamie said. Learn what happens next by purchasing the novel “The Cat on Salter’s Point” either on or